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Item Shipping From China Question FAQ:

How long does it take for an item from china to get to the us?

i ordered a pair of shoes on taobao from china. i paid $20 for shipping, but im not sure what kind of shipping it is.
the seller has a good record about shipping items so im not worried about him/her not actually even shipping it.
im just wondering when it will get here.

How long does it take for mail to ship from China to California?

I bought something on Taobao and the seller's profile said it was shipping from Shenzhen. I am in the Los Angeles area.
I was just curious how long of a wait I should expect?

When can I get my package that i am buy from china?

The answers is here:

Airmail Parcel & AIR package— 7 to 15 days , depend on what is your
country.some country may be 20 days ,it is the most cheap one
Express Shipping Form China Such As China EMS / HongKong EMS — 5 to 12 days
TNT, DHL, UPS — 2 to 3 days but expensive

Shipping from China Why is it so bloody expensive?

Whenever i buy from China, the shipping is more expensive than the item. Is there a cheaper way that anyone knows about?
The answer is Airmail Parcel & AIR package ,if the item is under the 2Kg , The cost is US 10 - US 30

I want fast shipping from china,which one is best ?

I can't tell you ,Usually it depend on you itme weight

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