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shipping line of the middle east and shipping company

The Middle East line includes country bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the united Arab emirates, and yemen, Palestine, and so on.

The Middle East Line is a Communication line that it is connect the Atlantic ocean and the Indian Ocean, connecting the western and eastern route, through north Africa to Asia hub in Europe and throat.

the Middle East "or" Middle East "refers to from the eastern Mediterranean and southern area to the Persian gulf, northeast Africa and southwest Asia continent, and central Asia.


Middle East line main ship company: MSC, CSCL, TSLINE, ESL (freight), HMM, ZIM, OOCL, RCL, NCL (rate of medium, the faster), says there, WANHAI, APL, NYK, YML, PIL (freight is higher, the fastest).

Dubai Double-customs clearance

has always been a feature of logistics business, freight is usd99 / CBM (1:500), including ocean freight, customs clearance fee, file fee, dubai customs clearance fee, the port of destination tariffs &tax. DDubai Double-customs clearance fees not include insurance, insurance rates not include,

How many days from china ship to dubai ?

About 20 days shipped to Port, dubai city can delivery.

what is the process

1. Inquiry: customer independently confirmed the price with our customer service;

2. Booking: agreed to provide BOOKONG packing list invoice price after we confirm the booking;

(3) Sent To Warehouse: booking after we will give the SO to the customer, according to the designated place the goods send to warehouse, or contact us to arrange the door to take.

Consignor is required to complete the above items, we will advise the shipping date after the goods transport to warehouse,after customers release the goods then pay the freight before arrive port, after payment and customs clearance then delivery, All time just about 25 days and customers can receive the goods.

Dubai shipping generally need to provide the CO (certificate of origin) for customer clearance, specific need depends on the customer's requirements.

the united Arab emirates (uae) is a low-tax countries, no enterprise income tax and personal income tax, value-added tax, stamp duty and other taxes. In addition to the 5% import tariff, the united Arab emirates (uae) basic no other taxes, sales tax, consumption tax, income tax. But foreign Banks should according to 20% of the profits when remitted profits tax.

special tips:

the Middle East line have the limitation on the weight of goods which is very strict, many small ark of 14 tons of shipping companies began to charge, the charges for overweight and 20 tons of cargo shipping company will not accept booking. So heavy goods are to be carefully confirm the ship companies limit clause.

the Saudi government rule against the Aden all Saudi shipment transshipment. Jeddah and dammam port authority regulation: 1, all the goods must be in the port of shipment to the second port of the tray, container cargo will play tray before packing.

2, packaged goods shall not exceed 50 kg net weight for each package.

3 all contents, goods file must be detailed, if the consignee is the bank, you should indicate the name and address in detail the last holder of the bill of lading.

4, the consignee should be ship to the port of destination within two weeks after delivery, otherwise will be auctioned.

, the united Arab emirates: dubai and ABU dhabi port health authorities stipulated that imported food, must indicate an expiration, and helped with health instruction, otherwise the terminal will not be unloaded.

: Lebanon, veterinary health and quarantine law rules every import live animals, animal products and all perishable products, canned and food, all shall despatch, in care of the carrying vessel, the official health certificate issued by the producer of goods without certificate of entry is prohibited.

Iran Section 90 of the tax law regulations, : Iran, export port of loading in Iran, regardless of where to pay the freight, freight tariffs of the freight will be 50%. Import freight tax shall be exempted.


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