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See here China Post Airmail price list and HongKong Airmail

General sent Airmail Condition

1. The maximum weight no more than 2 KG, and long + width + high No More 90 cm, unilateral < 60 CM; the length of the cylinder type: No More 90 CM long, long + diameter No More 104 Minimum specification: 14 cm * 9 cm"

2. Use China Shipping Agent For Hong Kong to return address;

3. Use China Shipping Agent provide account deferred tags;

4. The mail items: countries banned export goods such as antique, currency and other than contraband;

5. Fill in the customs declaration form correct CN22 content, the name of commodity declaration column can't just to GIFT, SAMPLE and general name as a commodity.

6. Hong Kong package registered provide insurance services, premium for RMB8 yuan, such as lost can obtain the highest RMB880 yuan compensation.

You can choose the folling Airmail Shipping From China

China Register /Un Register Air Mail - China Post

HongKong Register /Un Register Air Mail - HongKong Post

UK Register /Un Register Air Mail - Royal mail

Swiss Register Air Mail - Swiss Post

Singapore Register Air Mail - Singapore Post

China GuangZhou Register /Un Register Air Mail - China Post


Why use Airmail shipping from china?

**Shipping With Airmail** Almost every one knows what airmail is easy ,no tax,cheap affodable and can ship to most countrys,
When dealing From China wholesale suppliers you will probably find that they use Hong Kong Post. Hong Kong post can only handle packages that weight 2KGs or less.
It will cost less to post something than to freight something by courier.
It will take less time to send something via airmail than by regular mail... but that doesn't have a good reputation to begin with.
As a result the shipping time will be a bit slower than couriers and the delivery time can be from 7 to 15 days to and sometimes even longer depending on the destination and the time.
Items shipped by airmail are also less trackable.
Airmail packages will almost never be stopped by customs or taxed.
As a general rule the date and time the item left the senders country is visible and so is the items' journey through the destination country. But the time in between that is a mystery best known by the postal gods. Airmail is a bit slower than express mail, however can make up a little time going through the customs shed as the package are smaller the few chances for the package to be delayed by customs officials.


See here the airmail price list ,Airmail is by far the cheapest shipping method. Speed and track-ability have a cost this is why couriers will be pricier.


Airmail packages won't accumulate the notice of the taxman like items sent through the courier will.
So in essence which shipping method you choose for your dropship business will depend on your business model and your customer service plan.
If you are offering the lowest prices then airmail might be an accepted option, provided you give your customers the lead time it is likely to take.
If you are offering speedy delivery and the best service you might be advised to pay a little more and get items sent by courier.
Another option could be to let your customers decide which shipping option they want to choose.
After deciding which shipping method suits you best why not discover a China wholesale supplier dedicated to giving you and your customers great products and better service.

After years of experience in the dropshipping industry I have come to the following conclusions.
Here are how these different shipping methods measure up in each of these fields

Shipping From China **Sending Items By International Courier** An international courier service is one that takes a single package or a small consignment of goods.
They own an independent worldwide logistical infrastructure of trucks, planes and storage facilities and are private companies.
Pricewise they cost more than airmail and are checked more often by customs officials.
While the location and time of year can affect delivery times most couriers will be able to get the wholesale item from your supplier's warehouse to your customers door in between three to five days. |You also will be able to follow the progress the entire way by visiting the courier's website.

Air mail Postal systems in any country has an express airmail service to get something somewhere faster than a regular postal system.
Each postal system has their own regulations and systems which can be found very easily by visiting the website of that service.
There are still some unknown factors when it comes to dropshipping and eBay resellers

Air mail Trucking - Online Tracking

China Post Air mail Trucking
Air Mail tracking

For AIR MAIL, please note that after an order arrives to the destination country, you can no more track it in the AIR MAIL official site, but in the local post website; Cheap Shipping From China lists local post services in some countries for your convenience:




Singapore Post Canada Post Chronopost France Posti Finland

New Zealand



New Zealand Post US Postal Service AnPost Ireland Swiss Post




Australia Post Royal Post UK Correos Spain Correios Brazil


Japan Post Pos Malaysia